The John Pickett Mysteries

In Milady's Chamber marked my mystery debut and introduced Bow Street Runner John Pickett and his unrequited love for Lady Fieldhurst, suspected of murdering her husband.

A Dead Bore continued their story, this time with John Pickett incognito as Lady Fieldhurst's footman as he investigates a suspicious death in a Yorkshire village.

In Milady's Chamber

Dead Bore

Family Plot

Pickpocket's Apprentice

Dinner Most Deadly

Too Hot to Handel

Waiting Game

Deader or Worse

Mystery Loves Company

Peril by Post

Into Thin Eire

Brother, Can You Spare a Crime?

Nowhere Man

Death Can Be Habit-Forming

Box Set 1-5

Box Set 6-10

The Teen Romances

This is where it all started for me, with five titles in Bantam's long-running Sweet Dreams series. Although they're long out of print in the United States, some of them are still around in foreign language editions. (You can see them here.) Every now and then I get emails from thirteen-year-old girls in France or the Netherlands who have read my books and need information about the author for school book reports. This freaks my kids out!

Wrong Way Romance

That Certain Feeling

The Cinderella Game

Don't Bet On Love

Blame it on Love

Bama Boys

The Weaver Series

The Weaver Takes a Wife introduced Ethan Brundy, the most unfashionable Londoner ever to drop an "h," and Lady Helen Radney, the haughty society beauty he falls in love with at first sight. I got so attached to him that I wrote two more books about him. Brighton Honeymoon picks up with the newlywed Brundys two months after the wedding, when their seaside honeymoon cottage is invaded by a disapproving dowager, a bored dandy, and a mysterious young woman claiming to be Mr. Brundy's long-lost sister. The trilogy draws to a close with French Leave, in which the villainous Lord Waverly from The Weaver Takes a Wife meets his match in a runaway nun.

The Weaver Takes a Wife

Brighton Honeymoon

French Leave

The Desperate Duke

Weaver Box Set

The Stand-Alone Romances

Actually, all my books are stand-alone (that is, you don't have to read the entire series for them to make sense), but these are truly stand-alones in that there are no connections--continuing characters, plot threads, etc.--between either of them and any of my other books.

Baroness in Buckskin

Miss Darby's Duenna

Of Paupers and Peers

The Chance of a Lifetime

The Cobra and the Lily

The Cobra and the Lily

Nonfiction Books

I'm pleased to announce the publication of my first nonfiction book, now available for free through Kindle Unlimited or (if you like to mark up your reference books) as a fully indexed paperback!

Triple Your Income in Three Years

The Middle-Grade Novels

My son just finished his enlistment in the Air Force, and came for a visit to use up his remaining leave before going to the University of Alabama, where he'll be studying sports broadcasting. While he was here, he and I co-wrote a middle grade sports novel, inspired by those of Matt Christopher, which he used to love as a kid. If you have (or know of) a sports-mad kid and/or a reluctant reader, try giving them a copy of Put Me In, Coach! It's available in paperback and ebook formats, and will soon be available as an audiobook, too.

Put me in, Coach!