Wrong Way Romance

If there's one boy at Maplesville High that Darby Haynes can't stand, it's Bruce Edwards. Darby first met him when his car plowed into hers at a busy intersection. She's been running into him--literally--ever since. It doesn't matter that Bruce is a hunk and that most of the girls at school have a crush on him. To Darby he's nothing but a clumsy, conceited jerk.

Then David Matthews, a guy Darby likes even less, starts asking her out. In desperation, Darby asks Bruce to pretend he's her boyfriend. It's supposed to be a temporary arrangement to get David to lose interest in her. Darby doesn't count on falling for Bruce in the process! She's already convinced David that she and Bruce are in love. Now can she convince Bruce?

NOTE: I'm often asked about the availability of this book, which was my first published novel. Unfortunately, I don't have extra copies to sell. If you're looking for WRONG-WAY ROMANCE, your best bet is to find a used copy via a site like bookfinder.com. I've also seen it turn up on ebay, usually as one of a group of Sweet Dreams titles. When you search ebay, make sure to click the box that says "search titles and descriptions." Happy hunting!

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