Blame It On Love

Caitlin Harris is thrilled when high school baseball star Brad Lewis asks her out. Brad is the perfect boyfriend, all her friends agree--all except Kyle Garrison. He warns Caitlin that Brad's totally wrong for her, but she refuses to listen.

Then Kyle starts dating a beauty pageant winner, and Caitlin is surprised by how jealous she feels. She's also confused. Is it possible to be in love with two boys at the same time?

Although WRONG-WAY ROMANCE was my first published novel, BLAME IT ON LOVE was actually the first book I ever wrote. When my editor called asking if I had anything that could fill a slot that had unexpectedly come up in the publishing schedule, I confessed that, deep within the bowels of my closet, I had a manuscript. I described the boy-next-girl plot over the phone. "Send it," she said. Although I revised it extensively, I still feel it suffers in comparison with my later work. When the Sweet Dreams series was canceled a few months after its publication, my biggest regret was that my last title in the series was not my best work. I hope readers coming to this book late will look at it kindly as the early work of a young writer still searching for her voice.

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