Don't Bet On Love

To win a bet that sweet but klutzy Gary Hadley will take the most popular girl at Carson High to the prom, Molly McKenzie's brother Mark asks her to try transforming Gary into a dashing ladies' man.

Persuaded by a bit of brotherly blackmail, Molly reluctantly takes on the hopeless task. To her amazement, Gary turns into a first-class hunk. Will Mark win his bet, or will Molly spoil everything by falling for Gary herself?

Fun fact about this book: After signing with an agent on a manuscript called COLLISION COURSE (which later became WRONG-WAY ROMANCE), I'd gone back to school at the University of South Alabama to finish my degree in English while waiting to see if/when the book would sell. I wrote DON'T BET ON LOVE while taking a class in Modern Drama. One class assignment called for each student to write one scene of a play, then cast it from the other students in the class. The "cast" would then perform it for the class. Since I was just completing DON'T BET ON LOVE, I adapted one scene (Gary and Molly at the police station, for those familiar with the book). To this day, this is the only one of my books ever to be adapted for the stage! Oh, and just for the record, I made an "A" in Modern Drama

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