Bama Boy

Although it was written for the Sweet Dreams series, this one was never published. It was lost somewhere in the publisher’s pipeline, and Bantam discontinued the series before it was ever located. It’s available now, though, in both trade paperback and ebook formats!

Sensible, levelheaded Tracy Brock knows exactly what she wants in a boy, and transfer student Jimbo Maxwell isn’t it. After all, why should she be interested in a likeable if somewhat ignorant Alabama country boy with a Southern drawl thicker than sorghum molasses, when her boyfriend Anthony Pierce has everything a girl could ask for—with the possible exception of a personality?

But Jimbo is crucial to the success of the Elmore High School football team, so Tracy agrees to tutor him in order to help him maintain the grades necessary for athletic eligibility. During their tutoring sessions, she comes to appreciate his sense of humor and downright decency, and discovers that her heart isn’t nearly as invulnerable as she thought it was.

Determined not to become romantically involved with a boy who has such bleak prospects for the future, she sets out to cure herself of a ridiculous infatuation. Suddenly practical Tracy finds herself behaving in some very impractical ways as she fights her growing attraction for her pupil. She can’t really be falling for a redneck—can she?

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