The Cinderella Game

When Wendy Miller lands a summer job as a seamstress for America's Teen Beauty Pageant she is thrilled. Then handsome Spencer Fife mistakes her for one of the contestants and sweeps her off her feet. Though Wendy wants to tell him the truth, she can't resist playing the part of Florida's Teen Beauty.

Will Wendy reveal her Cinderella identity and risk losing her Prince Charming?

Fun fact: This was the first book I ever sold on a partial; that is, the book was not yet complete. The editorial staff at Bantam/Cloverdale Press read a synopsis and the first three chapters, and offered me a contract based on that. What followed was not a fun experience for me! I've always plotted by the seat of my pants, and when my editor called wanting to know how I planned to handle this plot point or that issue, I really didn't know what to tell her. When the publisher is paying good money for it, they really want something more definitive than "I'll figure it out when I get there."

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