The Cobra and the Lily

Ra-Met is a wealthy and powerful Egyptian nobleman, but he is troubled by severe headaches which not even Pharaoh's most skilled physicians can cure. Then he encounters Lila, a Hebrew slave girl, singingas she tends her sheep. Her voice is so beautiful that Ra-Met forgets his pain. Convinced that her music can rid him of his headaches, he arranges to purchase her and takes her to live in his own house. When he discovers that Lila is asw beautiful as she is talented, he wants more than just her voice.

But Lila, though anointed with perfumed oils and clothed in fine linen, is determined to remain faithful to her God, and spurns Ra-Met's advances in spite of her growing attraction to him. Then comes word that God will send his Death Angel through Egypt, killing the firstborn of every house that does not have the blood of a lamb over its door. And Ra-Met is an only child...

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