Frequently Asked Questions

Do the John Pickett mysteries need to be read in any certain order?
Each mystery will stand alone, so if the puzzle is what you’re after, then no, they don’t. But if you want to follow the love story as it develops, then here’s how you should read them:

Are there any more books about Ethan Brundy of The Weaver Takes a Wife?
Yes, there are! This wasn’t a planned series, as the John Pickett mysteries were; it’s just that by the time I finished The Weaver Takes a Wife, I loved Ethan Brundy so much, I wasn’t ready to stop writing about him! So that one novel turned into a trilogy:

Are you the one who wrote Wrong-Way Romance?
Yes, that’s me! In fact, Wrong-Way Romance was my first published novel. It was #176 in Bantam’s long-running Sweet Dreams series. I eventually wrote four more Sweet Dreams titles before the line folded in 1995.

Do you have an extra copy of Wrong-Way Romance I could buy, or know where I can get one?
Unfortunately no, I don’t have any extras. Since it was all so new to me, I didn’t know I should have used my author discount to buy up as many copies as I could afford! (And who could have guessed that book would remain so popular after a quarter of a century?) I suggest you look on used-book websites for a copy. One of my favorite sources for out-of-print books is